Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Want to increase your digital presence online so you can skyrocket your number of clients & sales? You are in the right place.

BLENDtw is a digital media company focused on fostering human connection. We were born out of the desire of sharing stories to connect lives

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There is no better way to promote your products “organically” than to publish content that adds value to our audience. This is the most organic way to convert leads into customers.

SEO Content Strategy Services

We can help you rank “organically” on the first page of Google within 8-12 months. Stop wasting money on paid FB ads or google ads that have a low ROI.


Best way to increase your brand awareness & credibility

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We have 10+ years of marketing experience in the digital space.

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Please contact us for more information at We provide a FREE ten minute consultation with prospective clients to understand their needs. Serious requests only.

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30K+ Followers on SM
1M (monthly unique visitors)
50+ colleges represented
1000+ Ambassadors